About Me

Jen McFarlane (she/her)



Website Design, Video Editing, Illustration, Branding


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, InDesign


Front-End Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript

I specialize in creating websites and marketing materials for small businesses and individuals. My expertise lays in developing websites from scratch and producing social media videos for promotional purposes. Born and raised in the California Bay Area, I studied graphic design at the University of San Francisco and I specialize in creating websites for small businesses and individuals as well as producing marketing material for promotional and informational purposes. Functionality, accessibility, and aesthetic are the cornerstones of successful design and I help brands tackle each aspect individually, making solutions more reachable and the process more enjoyable.

Along with four years of professional experience in graphic design, I have an extensive background in administrative management, I am a powerlifter, a classically trained actor, a metalhead, and I can usually be found reading a Stephen King novel.

Client Testimonials

"Jen's personal touch really took our website to the next level! She got to know the ins and outs of our business, what we pride ourselves on and how we serve our customers. Then, with just a few short text prompts, she crafted an elegant and professional website which perfectly fit our needs. Truly a pleasure to work with!"

Anthony Bertolami, COO

Bertolami Engineering

"Jen's work was completed in a timely fashion, included professional layouts, excellent follow through on our requests for changes and the final job is beyond what we were expecting. Her professional approach in evaluating our needs for the project were keen, insightful and illuminating as the finished work was created by her based on our verbal descriptions and written details on the Foundations founder. Her work is now residing on our website for others to see and download and will be a fine tool for the Foundation in its efforts to inform others of our work."

Kendall Langan, CEO

Diamant Foundation

"Jen was a creative force when it came to generating ideas to bring our website to life. She was easy to collaborate with and cutomized the site like no designer we had worked with in the 25 years of our online history."

Tim Brent, Founder

Ergonomic Consulting Group